Gah (part 4)

Well my Kickstarter was rejected.

I’m probably going to go back to playing with my Legos in private from now on.



Saw some pics of the Kre-O Battleship brick sets today. I know that the off brands take a lot of heat from the Lego fandom, and some of bricks you see in the picture are obvious clones of classic bricks (like the little red “cones” on the guns), but honestly I think some of the original parts in these sets can be kind of cool (like the claw on a chain), and I like minifigs that can actually be posed a little.

The picture also begs the question: why do the aliens have caucasian hands? Or are they supposed to be gloves made from human skin?

Also why does a film based on Battleship have aliens?

Playing With Bugs


I collaborated with the LeoCAD creator to come up with an issue for the bug that was hiding the parts library for some users (he did all the work, really, I just diagnosed a problem he didn’t realize was happening and came up with a temporary fix). It makes me feel a little bit like a hero (or should I say a Bionicle?).  Focusing on it cost a couple days of productivity in custom design, but whatever, I had fun playing with my MOCs.

I stopped and restarted this one a few times before I found a path I was happy with. My goal was to use a few rare, weirdo parts from a poor set and make it into something worthwhile.  It’s a long process, sure, but the set was poor for a reason.  Haven’t decided if I want two feet or four feet for landing gear yet, or whether there is still hope for incorporating a minifig.  It could be a drone, or something on micro scale (I can have it eat mini-New York!)

My ultimate inspiration ended up being Neon Genesis Evangelion; I want to create the effect that the spaceship constructed over the bug is more like a cage than a suit of armor.  I think the effect is working so far.  Hopefully the finished version will do a better job of scaring the cat.